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Benson entered Stalag Luft 7 (Bankau) in the last week of September 1944 and from February 1945 was held at Stalag IIIA (Luckenwalde). F/Sgt JW Stirling RCAF baled out and landed at about 14:05 hours in a wood called Bois Guilbert 5km west of Buchy, he was fortunate to be a fluent French speaker as a former repair man with the Bell Telephone ...
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Die Luft-, See- und Landfrachtspedition von DHL umfasst standardisierte Transporte sowie multimodale und branchenspezifische Lösungen und individuelle Industrieprojekte. Deutsche Post DHL Group.Dulag Luft, through which practically all Air Force personnel captured in German occupied Europe passed Auswertestelle West (evaluation Center West) was situated 300 yards north of the main...
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DULAG LUFT is a contraction of durchgängslageror 'entrance camp'. We were marched to the gate and then herded into individual cells. Appar- ently were being subjected to complete isolation. My cell had a small window near the. ceiling at what appeared to be just above ground level.
André est emmené à Francfort pour être interrogé ( Dulag Luft d'Oberursel ). L'interrogatoire se limitera à un monologue de l'officier allemand qui sait, dans les moindres détails, comment est composé le 158 Squadron, où il est basé, qui le commande et plus encore :
Dulag 121. (skrót z niem. „Hanka" - uczestniczka Powstania Warszawskiego, łączniczka, sanitariuszka, była więźniarka obozu przejściowego Dulag 121.
🎦 Dulag Luft. Quite the same Wikipedia. Dulag Luft was the abbreviated name given to Prisoner of War (POW) transit camps for Air Force prisoners captured by Germany during the Second World...
Dulag Luft (Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe, Transit Camp of the Airforce) were Prisoner of War (POW) transit camps for German-captured members of the Air Force during World War II.
The "death march" you describe occurred beginning on April 8, 1945. Attempting to keep their American, French, and British prisoners away from the advancing Soviets, the German guards marched them nearly 200 miles west across Austria to the German border in poor weather conditions with little food or water.
Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe" or "Transit Camp of the Luftwaffe" was called Dulag Luft by the POWs. It was located at Oberursel (13 km north-west of Frankfurt-am-Main with a population of about 20,000) and was recognized as the greatest interrogation center in all of Europe.
The set-up is simple enough. The crew of a downed American military aircraft is brought to the Dulag Luft POW camp and debriefed by the crafty Major von Behn. Each of the Americans conforms to a type: the stoic Lieutenant, the too-clever-by-half Major and the frightened and wounded crew members.
At Dulag Luft he discovered that he was only the 18th American POW. La Chasse finished the war at Stalag Luft III, Sagan in Silesia. ... Dozens of West Point cadets are accused of cheating on an ...
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The German Staff at Dulag Luft During the latter part of 1943 Dulag Luft was processing in the neighborhood of 1,000 Allied prisoners of war a month. It is doubtful that Walter Layne or his fellow prisoners would have had any contact with the senior German staff at Dulag Luft but I feel their story…
Paul M Luft, age 46, Quincy, IL 62305 View Full Report. Known Locations: Quincy IL 62305, Tribes Hill NY 12177, Camp Point IL 62320.
Dulag Luft (Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe, Transit Camp of the Airforce) were Prisoner of War (POW) transit camps for German-captured members of the Air Force during World War II. Their main purpose was to act as collection and interrogation centres for newly captured aircrew...
Of the 9 crewmembers only Sgt Robert Bobby Humphreys survived. He was captured and sent to Dulag Luft West. The Kingsport News, 7 April 1945.
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End April, 1945 as the war in Europe was nearing its end, the Russians were approaching from the east and the British and Americans from the West in a race to get to Hitler's headquarters in Berlin. Stalag Luft I was north of Berlin, so it was unsure at first which of the Allied fronts would reach them first. See full list on

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" Dulag Luft, Oberursel, Deutsches Reich, - 12/43" Habe Einträge in Wehrpass : Dulag Luft in Oberursel 7.8.1941-9.9.1943 danach Auswertestelle West10.9.1943-22-9-1944 danach Landesschützen ... danach wieder Auswertelle West Oberursel 2.2.1945 - wann ? Umzug nach Nürnberg-Buchenbühl Auswertestelle West. ein Schreiben Datiert vom 27.März 1945 "Dulag Luft" oder "Auswertestelle West" wie die Bezeichnung ab 1943 lautete, war ein Durchgangslager für Kriegsgefangene in Oberursel, in dem Piloten und Besatzungsmitglieder der feindlichen Luftwaffe nach dem Abschuss verhört wurden, bevor man sie weiter in sogenannte Stammlager (Stalag) verlegte.

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– Vol. III. Meetings of the Second, Third and Fourth Commissions, Volume also containing, at pp. 305–312, the report by Professor Louis Renault entitled ‘Amendments to the Hague Convention of July 29, 1899 for the adaptation to maritime warfare of the principles of the Geneva Convention of August 22, 1864’, of which another English translation is reprinted in American Journal of ...

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Table of contents for Dulag Luft, Auswertestelle West : Vernehmungslager der Luftwaffe für westalliierte Kriegsgefangene im Zweiten Weltkrieg / Stefan Geck. Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog

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Graham was taken to Aalborg West airfield and the next day he and four fellow flyers were flown to an airfield near Hamburg by a Ju 52. Here they were loaded onto a truck and taken to Dulag Luft in Oberursel for interrogation. Graham was then sent to Stalag Luft I Barth and later to Stalag Luft VI Heydekrug to end up in Stalag 357 Fallingbostel. POW camp Dulag Luft Address 2154 Beverly Beach Dr NW City, State, Zip Olympia, WA 98502 Comments: I am writing a biography of Col Charles W Stark, who was the SAO at Dulag Luft from about May 1944 to Apr 1945. I got to know him very well, in the last few years of his life.

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Sep 18, 2013 · Lying as it does between the far better-known districts of Brixton and Dulwich, they happily refer to it as “West Nowhere”. By English standards, it is a long way from Simon’s roots in Nottinghamshire, where he was born and brought up in the mining town of Warsop, not far from Robin Hood’s redoubt in Sherwood Forest.

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names (alphabetically) prison; Sgt. William D. Ackerson: Stalag Luft IV: Lt. John Akers, Jr. Stalag Luft 9C: Lt. Wesley C. Akins: Stalag Luft I: Sgt. Harold E. Alhfors He was initially held at Dulag Luft, near Frankfurt, a Luftwaffe interrogation centre, but managed to escape a few weeks later. He reached the German/Swiss border but was captured before he was able to enter neutral Switzerland. Four months later he escaped from a prisoner of war camp and reached Prague with a Czech RAF pilot.

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As the Germans were very strict about separating the officers and enlisted men, after the interrogation at the Dulag Luft, the officers were transferred to Stalag Luft I, a Luftwaffe Camp, near Barth, Germany and some or all of the enlisted men were taken to Stalag 17b, a Wehrmacht camp, near Vienna. Wings Day has just been captured after escaping from Dulag Luft near Frankfurt. He is sent to the Baltic coast and arrives at Stalag Luft 1 (in Barth), built to hold allied air crew (photo). Wings immediately organizes an Escape Committee and selects Jimmy Buckley to serve as "Big X." Smith writes:

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Over the coming weeks, the two men were transported across the Baltic to Lubeck, through Germany, Hamburg and Frankfurt where they were put in solitary confinement at the Dulag Luft. Andy said, “the Dulag Luft was the interrogation centre for all allied air crew. They shaved our heads, shoved us into solitary confinement and practised the art ...

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After the Battle - N 106, Dulag Luft.Publications . The publications below are issued from ORBi lu - Open Repository and Bibliography of the University of Luxembourg.. The Luxembourgish Law database called Leris (Letzeburger Rechts Informations System) gathering over 6,500 references is also available free-of-charge.